Who’s broadcasting Cool Nights

These great stations are broadcasting Cool Nights at least once a week…

  1. Jazzalicious Radio (Toronto, Canada)
  2. TeeRex Radio (Montreal, Canada)
  3. Hitz FM (Singapore)
  4. Radio Lantau (Hong Kong)
  5. Castle Radio FM (Malaga, Spain)
  6. More Music Radio (Spain)
  7. Radio Happy (DAB) (Italy)
  8. Radio Luna (Italy)
  9. Radio Satellite (Paris, France)
  10. Radio Weekend (Denmark)
  11. Radio Grenzenlos (Switzerland)
  12. Variety FM (Ipswich, Australia)
  13. Vic 263 (Victoria, Australia)
  14. Loft FM (Christchurch, New Zealand  (South Island))
  15. 107 FM Te Puke (Te Puke, New Zealand (North Island))
  16. WRSG Radio 91.5FM (Virginia, USA)
  17. Kixe Radio (Nebraska, USA)
  18. Cab Muzik Radio (Florida, USA)
  19. Way Out Radio (UK)
  20. Red Road FM (UK)
  21. RetroSound Radio (UK)
  22. Pure Rhythm Radio (UK)
  23. Surrey Hills Radio (UK)
  24. The Soul of London (UK)
  25. Vintage Radio (UK)
  26. Love Music Radio (UK)
  27. L & D Radio (Bedfordshire, UK)
  28. Radio VGR (UK)
  29. Veterans Family Radio (UK)
  30. Radio Excess (UK)
  31. EN5 Radio (London, UK)
  32. Defiant Radio (UK)
  33. A1 Radio (Cambridge, UK)
  34. Affinity Radio (Kent, UK)
  35. Gr8 Chats Radio (UK)
  36. Total Radio (UK)
  37. Hull Kingston Radio (Kingston-upon-Hull, UK)
  38. Hospital Broadcasting Service (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
  39. Swinging Radio England (Shildon, UK)
  40. Impactive (Banbury, UK)
  41. ExPat Radio One

Current as at 25 April 2018

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Connect with a cool  audience

You can sponsor the Cool Night’s show.

Sponsorship messages are along the lines of: Tonight’s show is kindly sponsored by Company Name, promo message of around 50 words.

It will be spoken by Steve three times during the sponsored show; near the start, part way through and toward the end of the show.

The cost is US$30 per show, payable in advance by PayPal.

To book your sponsorship please contact us below.