The world's most syndicated jazz show – hosted by Steve Hart
The world's most syndicated jazz show – hosted by Steve Hart

Tarquin Baron-Bathurst

Hi. My name is Tarquin and Steve made me write this because – apparently – some of you are interested in finding out about me

I started helping on the Cool Nights show in 2017 (I think). What started out as something to do now and again has turned into a regular gig – if I don’t turn up Steve rings Mother.

So I (have to) pop in almost every week to help on the show; respond to listener’s messages (that’s your fault), and sort out (lots of) last minute requests from Steve while he does his little show.

I also look very interested when Steve tells me what radio was like when he was my age and when he was a nightclub DJ. He bangs on about ancient stuff like records, tapes, jingle carts, and something called personality DJs (apparently they were everywhere; but are mainly now considered extinct).

He also tries to interest me in politics, world affairs, and talks about how different things would be if he was in charge. It would be Utopia apparently.

When not studying computer games I play the flute, like walking on the grass in bare feet (but only when I see a ‘Stay Off The Grass’ sign). I have a skateboard and also hoon around on an electric scooter teasing pedestrians (and motorists wearing hats).

Tarquin, engineer at Cool Nights.
My Mum took this photo of me when we were on holiday (and she wanted the breakfast things cleared away).