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Cool Nights show 180

This is the last Cool Nights show… But I will return…

  1. ABs – Deju Vu
  2. Boney James/Rick Braun – Grazing In The Grass
  3. Darryl Williams & Michael Lington – Do You Remember
  4. Laurie Johnson Orchestra – The Avengers
  5. Walter Chancellor – Steppin’ Out
  6. Alex Parchment – It’s Real
  7. Rocco Ventrella – On The Road
  8. Dogg Master – I Try 2020
  9. Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done
  10. Christopher Hollyday – Kiss Me Right
  11. Chase Huna – Dance
  12. Brian Culbertson – Back in the Day & So Good

Cool Nights show 179

Next week’s show – 180 – will be the last one… But in this week’s opus we have music from…

  1. Rocco Ventrella – On The Road
  2. U-Nam – Each’s Day a Gift feat. Steve Brookstein
  3. Ron King – Downtown Mama
  4. Ralph Johnson – Smooth And You
  5. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival
  6. Christian Sands – Drive // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  7. Marcus Anderson – Just A Taste
  8. The Ramsay Lewis Trio – The In Crowd – Cool Classic
  9. Ben Tankard & Michael Manson – Right Turn Ahead

Cool Nights 178

In this week’s show…

  1. Sylvia Bennett/Arturo Sandoval – Lorilee
  2. Will Sumner – Where We Go
  3. Philippe Saisse – Eva Kant Dance
  4. Lars Taylor – Sweet Onion
  5. RJ & The Assignment/Kiara Brown – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  6. Bob James – Sign Of The Times
  7. Jakob Magnusson – Caption This
  8. Justin Young – Groove Magic // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  9. DW3/Richard Elliot – Let’s Have Fun Tonight
  10. Flora Martinez – Happy
  11. Bill King – Sundown Comin’
  12. Four80East – Ba Ba Brazil

Cool Nights show 177 with guest Lars Taylor

Welcome to this week’s Cool Nights show.

This week we are joined by smooth jazz musician Lars Taylor from Switzerland.

  • Walter Chancellor – Steppin’ Out
  • Kim Scott & Jazmin Ghent – Free To Be
  • Nick Colionne – Let’s Get Serious
  • Vandell Andrew – Flow
  • Ralph Johnson – Smooth and You
  • Herbie Hancock – 4 A.M. // Cool Classic
  • BK Jackson – Silver Lining // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  • Earnest Walker, Jr. – Palm Avenue
  • Lars Taylor Interview with Steve Hart
  • Lars Taylor – Keep it Going
  • Kathy Kosins – Foxy lady

Lars (Reütschi) Taylor writes and records music from his home studio in Switzerland.
Lars (Reütschi) Taylor writes and records music from his home studio in Switzerland.

Interview with Lars Taylor – jazz guitar player

Licensed radio station owners can download and broadcast this interview package

Lays Taylor began his career in music in the 1990s; moving from his native Switzerland to work as a popular and versatile session musician in Berlin.

Back then he was known as Lars Rüetschi and he was kept busy in the studio – playing on many hits with popular artists of the day, and as a live performer – until around 2009.

Following a break of a few years he returned to writing and recording music in his home studio, based in a quiet Swiss village well away from the frantic life of a big city.

Although he prefers not to be placed in any music genre, his two most recent releases are popular with fans of smooth jazz.

Sweet Onion was released in 2019 and is still regularly played by broadcasters, and his latest single Keep it Going is gaining in popularity every day. Both tracks involved iconic producer Paul Brown in post production.

Buy Lars’ music wherever you get your digital music or here.

Lars’ YouTube page is here.

Lars Taylor.

Cool Nights show 176 with Steve Hart

176 Cool Nights with Steve Hart 11 May 2020

In this week’s goldmine of pure jazz goodness is a special interview with Rick Habana talking about his new smooth jazz album The Collective Volume 1, and music from…

  1. Willie Bradley & Ragan Whiteside – It’s On Now
  2. Nicholas Cole – The Weekend
  3. Justin Young – Groove Magic
  4. Lisa Addeo – What Cha’ Know About That
  5. Jakob Magnusson – Caption This
  6. Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nova – Cool Classic
  7. Dee Lucas – Tried And True feat
  8. Lars Taylor – Keep It Going // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  9. Ragan Whiteside – Reminiscing
  10. Interview with Rick Habana
  11. Rick Habana – Smooth it Out
  12. Yosmel Montejo – Point Of View
Smooth jazz producer Rick Habana.

Interview with Rick Habana – smooth jazz producer

Broadcasters, you can download this self-contained package for free broadcast: >> here <<
Editing or re-purposing of the package is NOT allowed.

Rick Habana is a producer, songwriter, engineer and composer. In this interview Rick tells Steve Hart about his passion for blending music genres to create his unique smooth jazz sound.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Rick Habana he has succeeded in creating a sound that has landed him numerous music placements with many of the top television stations – not just in the US but around the world.

Rick has also started breaking new barriers on a project called The Collective, where he works on mostly live music with international musicians and singers from all over the world.

The Collective project involves musicians based in Finland, Italy, Netherlands, London, Canada, Venezuela, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. Together they have helped make a dream come true for Rick.

The Collective Volume 1 features smooth jazz legend Paul Brown on some tracks; one being Smooth it Out. The album’s first single release.

Rick plans to release an ongoing series of albums under The Collective brand.

Rick Habana.

Interview with Markus Rutz, jazz trumpet player

I got to interview Chicago-based jazz musician Markus Rutz (pronounced roots) for my Cool Nights jazz radio show in April 2020.

I cut the interview (recorded via Skype) with some tracks from Markus’ new album and the package has been broadcast by at least 70 stations world-wide.


Chicago jazz musician Markus Rutz [pronounced ‘roots’] has just released his third album called “Blueprints Figure One: Frameworks”.

The jazz trumpeter, who admits to being heavily influenced by Miles Davis, spends his time teaching the trumpet, composing his own melodies, performing, and recording his music.

Here, Markus talks to Steve Hart about his journey from nine-year-old wannabe musician to popular recording artist.



That’s the sound of trumpet player and composer Markus Rutz (roots) who was talking to Steve Hart. Markus’ latest album is called “Blueprints Figure One: Frameworks”.

Find out more at

Cool Nights 175 with Steve Hart

Hi there – hope all’s well in your neck of the woods.

In this week’s barrel of MP3s is music from…

  • Allen Carman Project – Rosario
  • Lars Taylor – Keep It Going
  • Markus Rutz – Segment (Blueprints Figure One: Frameworks)
  • Wade C Long – Bulljivin
  • The TNEK Jazz Quintet – Unit 7
  • Philippe Saisse – Eva Kant Dance // Cool Cut of The Week
  • Stephanie McCourt – Save Me
  • Earnest Walker, Jr. – Palm Avenue
  • Paul Brown/Rick Habana – Smooth It Out
  • Keith McKelley – Legend
  • Greg Manning – Twinkle
  • Dreamroot – 6858

Cool Nights Show 174 with Steve Hart

In this week’s compendium of melodious zeros and ones is music from…

  1. Deon Yates & Nathan Mitchell – In The Moment
  2. Sylvia Bennett/Arturo Sandoval – Lorilee
  3. Justin Young – Groove Magic
  4. Grover Washington Jnr – Take Five (Take another five)
  5. Jazz Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots
  6. Kirk Whalum – Kwetu // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  7. Markus Rutz – Limbo (Album: Blueprints Figure One: Frameworks)
  8. Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis & Dave Koz – It’s All Love
  9. Jazz Sabbath – Rat Salad
  10. Greg Manning/DW3 – California Love

Cool Nights show 173 with Steve Hart

In this week’s show I get to interview Chicago-based jazz trumpet player Markus Rutz. In addition, there’s music from…

  • Jeff Lofton – Compared To What (version C)
  • Wade C Long – Bulljivin
  • Spontaneous Groovin’ Combustion – Kickin’ It
  • Malcolm Strachan – Better Late Than Never
  • Boney James – Be Here ft. Kenny Lattimore
  • U-Nam – Dance
  • J&B Kings – Let’s Go-Go // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  • Markus Rutz interview with Steve Hart
  • Markus Rutz – The Compass
  • Marqueal Jordan – Maracas Beach

Markus Rutz interview

Download for broadcast – here

Cool Nights show 172 with Steve Hart

Welcome to the Cool Nights show. In this week’s muddle of home detention and music is music from:

  • Philippe Saisse – Eva Kant Dance
  • Gina Kronstadt – The Threat of Love
  • John Parm featuring FRASE – No Soul Fo Sale 2020
  • Stephanie McCourt – Save Me
  • U-Nam – Dance
  • Kim Scott & Jazmin Ghent – Free To Be
  • Judah Sealy – Off the charts
  • Adam Hawley – Traveling Mood (Featuring Julian Vaughan) // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  • The Smooth Jazz Alley & Andy Snitzer – Tidal
  • The Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt
  • Marqueal Jordon – 2AM
  • Manu Dibango – Big Blow

Next week’s show will feature an interview with Chicago-based jazz trumpeter Markus Rutz talking about his new album.

Cool Nights show 171 with Steve Hart

Posted a little later than normal…my routine has gone haywire since the Lockdown in New Zealand. But here we are though…this week’s packed and loaded lockdown show featuring great music from…

  • Eric Darius – Happy
  • Jeff Lofton – Nola Beat
  • Mascall feat. Julia Quinn – Reading my Mind
  • DW3 Never Gonna Stop 2020
  • David Garfield – Sweetness
  • Stephanie McCourt – Save Me // COOL CUT OF THE WEEK
  • Allen Carman Project – Rosario
  • Jeremy Pelt – While You Are Gone
  • Christopher Hollyday – Kiss Me Right
  • Ralph Johnson/Andrea Lisa – Co-Swagit
  • Vincent Ingala – Caught Me By Surprise

I hope everyone is staying safe during these strange days living under Covid-19.

If ever there was a time to start that hobby, finish off that job you’ve been putting off, writing that book or launching a website, podcast or researching that business idea…now is the time.