Sponsor Cool Nights

Connect with a cool  audience

Exclusive show sponsorship

You can exclusively sponsor a Cool Night’s show and be heard on more than 40 stations a week as well as appear in the Podcast version of the show which is heard and downloaded from  iTunes, TuneIn and Stitcher. The show is also on streaming service Mixcloud.

Thousands of people listen to the show every week – see the list of broadcasters here.


The great thing about the Podcast version is that your message is there every time people play the show at home, in the car, or down the gym etc.

A message spoken by Steve during the one hour show really does connect with listeners. All show sponsors are offered exclusivity – there is only one sponsor per show.

Sponsorship messages are along the lines of: Cool Nights is kindly sponsored by Company Name; your promo message, contact details / website etc of around 150 words. We can help write your promo script.

It will be spoken by Steve three times during the sponsored show; near the start, part way through and toward the end of the show.

The cost of exclusive show sponsorship is US$300 per show.

Spot ads

A single 15 second spot advert is just US$50 plus US$25 for commercial production. These aren’t offered exclusively, and may be played with other spot adverts. They are not available if the show has already been sponsored.

To find out more and book your promotion please contact us below.