The world's most syndicated jazz show – hosted by Steve Hart
The world's most syndicated jazz show – hosted by Steve Hart

Steve Hart…All you need to know and less

Steve Hart records his syndicated radio show in a broom cupboard using two tin boxes, a length of string, and a cardboard tube for a microphone.

A former professional club DJ and radio presenter, he managed to entertain people with his choice of music and tomfoolery until the machines took over in the mid 90s.

Thanks to years of skim-reading record sleeves he became literate enough to wangle his way into the office of his local newspaper. The editor, faced with a choice of a carpet fitter with bad knees or a washed-up DJ, offered Steve a desk in the newsroom (which he promptly tried to sell with a classified ad). 

Assisted by a steady flow of press releases, Steve embraced his new ‘career’, a champion of the people (who featured in press releases).

Despite barely leaving his desk, save for mooching at the pub next door to meet his so-called ‘contacts’, Steve’s weekly expenses form told a story of travel and deep community engagement. Some say this not only provided Steve with a lucrative tax-free income, but was easily his best work as a writer.

Today, his wide ‘skill set’ and child-like enthusiasm keeps him occupied (most of the time).

He still writes, records voice overs, messes with WordPress, and has been known to create the odd tune using a freshly-painted ZX Spectrum with the Reason app. He says he has an ear for music, it’s just a shame his fingers don’t.

Steve Hart, Cool Nights radio
Yes, it is he.

If you recognise Steve Hart as an 80s club goer, well… you may have seen him spinning tracks at Essex venues such as Zhivago’s, The Zero 6, High Society, Electric Blue, The Sam Lords… And in Kent at Neros 2000, Woody’s, and Oceans II.

Steve was a Radio Top Shop presenter, volunteered at Southend Hospital Radio, hosted breakfast at Basildon Radio, and was occasionally heard reporting news on Essex Radio and BBC Essex. He also once appeared on Channel Four TV, as the interference.

Steve is the author of the 10-seller book Podcasting Made Easy and a hare-brained science fiction short; Mayan and The Legion of Alice – available as a paperback, audio book (narrated by Steve – no, don’t laugh), E-Pub and Kindle.