The world's most syndicated jazz show – hosted by Steve Hart
The world's most syndicated jazz show – hosted by Steve Hart

Steve Hart…all you need to know and less

Yes; it is he.

Steve Hart hosts Cool Nights which is syndicated to dozens of broadcasters every week and available as a podcast.

Born in London, Steve’s first time ‘on air’ was as at Southend Hospital Radio where he hosted various shows during the course of 10 years.

He was a presenter and manager at Radio Top Shop (instore ‘radio’) and hosted the breakfast show at Basildon Radio.

Before training to become a journalist, and working in the newsrooms of both Essex FM and BBC Essex, Steve was a professional club DJ working across Essex and Kent.

“I host the radio show as a fun hobby because I enjoy the music, like speaking with musicians, and connecting with people all over the world via countless radio stations,” says Steve.

Steve is currently based in New Zealand and works as a freelance writer, journalist, and podcast producer. He has also been known to record the occasional voice over.

He is the author of the book Podcasting Made Easy and a science fiction short story; Mayan and The Legion of Alice – available as a paperback, audio book (narrated by Steve), E-Pub and Kindle.