About Steve

Steve Hart – a brief history

Born in London, Steve’s first time ‘on air’ was as a volunteer presenter at a hospital radio station where he hosted various shows over 10 years.

Before training to become a journalist, and working in the newsrooms of both Essex FM and BBC Essex, Steve was a full time mega-mixing night club DJ (15 years), a presenter at Radio Top Shop (instore ‘radio’ – 3 years) and he hosted the breakfast show at Basildon Radio (gotta love those 4am alarm calls).

Today Steve hosts syndicated jazz show Cool Nights and does voice overs. He also hosted 80s dance music show The Pleasure Dome (2012-2015) which featured on more than 80 stations before Steve pulled the plug.

“The beauty of radio is that it is intimate, the presenter can really connect with listeners,” says Steve. “And via truly independent radio stations, presenters have genuine freedom to play a wide range of great music; which I think listeners appreciate.

“Community and internet broadcasters also allow show hosts to talk, to breathe, and share their passion and information with listeners. It’s always a privilege to be able to broadcast.”

Steve is the author of the potential best seller Podcasting Made Easy, the indispensable guide to making podcasts from a standing start. It’s available here and where ever you buy your digital and hard copy books.