You can broadcast Cool Nights

The world’s most syndicated jazz show

Demo of Cool Nights

Steve Hart’s Cool Nights jazz show is a family-friendly radio programme that’s freely available to any non-profit internet, LPFM and community radio station that’s licensed to broadcast music.

Cool Nights first aired in January 2015, and has been produced weekly ever since.

The syndicated radio show is 60 minutes long (59m:45s) and offered as a single 128k MP3 via a DropBox download link, or you can link your broadcast app to our shared DropBox folder.

Each track is carefully selected by Steve from the dozens of submissions sent in every week by record companies and independent artists.

There’s a new Cool Nights programme every Friday and a track list is sent with each show so accurate royalty returns can be made by broadcasters.

You can unsubscribe at anytime using the unsubscribe option in our weekly show email.

All shows are subject to copyright – no broadcasting without permission.