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Steve Hart’s Cool Nights syndicated jazz show is family-friendly and freely available to any non-profit broadcaster; internet, LPFM and community radio.

Shows are 60 minutes long (59m:45s) and offered as a single 128k MP3 via a DropBox download link, or you can link your broadcast app to our shared folder.

There’s a new show every Thursday and a track list is sent with each show.

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You can sponsor the Cool Night’s show.

Sponsorship messages are along the lines of: Tonight’s show is kindly sponsored by Company Name, promo message of 50 words max.

It will be spoken by Steve three times during the sponsored show; near the start, part way through and toward the end of the show.

The cost is US$30 per show, payable in advance by PayPal.

To book your sponsorship please contact us below or simply make a donation to help us keep the shows free.

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About Steve

Steve Hart – a brief history


Steve was born in the UK but currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

He started his career in radio as a hospital radio volunteer in the 80s.

Before training to be a journalist, and working in the newsrooms at both Essex FM and BBC Essex, Steve was a club DJ, hosted shows at Radio Top Shop and hosted the breakfast show at Basildon Radio.

Today he works as a journalist and hosts syndicated jazz show Cool Nights – which is recorded at his home studio. The programme  is syndicated to dozens of broadcasters around the world.

Steve does occasional voice overs, hosts podcasts, writes, and builds WordPress websites.

He is the author of the potential best seller Podcasting Made Easy, available from Amazon and all good book stores, and manages radio streaming service Instant Radio Station.

His personal website is at

Tell us about your latest jazz music

Record a promo for the show

Performers are welcome to record a short promo for broadcast.

Something such as: This is YOUR NAME and I enjoy listening to Cool Nights…here’s my latest release [name of track].

Your music on Cool Nights

If you are a musician with a new track to share then please send Steve a download link and bio using the form below.

If you are available for an interview to talk about your music then please let us know, we may set up a time for a pre-recorded interview for broadcast.