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The Cool Nights Jazz Show features an eclectic mix of smooth jazz, a bit of chit-chat and is perfect for internet, LPFM and community radio stations.

The weekly fee for the show is £2.50.

Each show is 60 minutes long (59:45) and offered as a single 128k MP3 via a DropBox download link or you can link to my shared folder. A track list is sent with each show.

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Please complete the payment below via PayPal and you will be transferred to the Cool Nights subscription page which you need to complete.

About Steve

Steve Hart – a brief history

Steve started his ‘career’ in radio as a volunteer at Southend Hospital Radio in 1978 and was the station’s youngest member. He spent 10 years there hosting specialist programmes such as Spectrum Motown, listener requests shows and reading the news.

He visited people in the wards (“Did I wake you?”) and ‘helped’ with outside broadcasts (“This generator’s noisy…that’s better”). He nearly got kicked off the station for playing Monty Python on his request show (“Everyone laughs at the dead parrot sketch!”).

Before training to be a journalist, and working in the newsrooms at both Essex FM and BBC Essex – as well as local newspapers – he hosted shows at Southend’s Radio Top Shop and fronted the breakfast show at Basildon Radio.

His pre-taped dance-music programmes were broadcast by more than one (land-based) pirate station, and he DJ’d at top nightclubs across Essex, Kent and London (Dr Zhivago’s, The Zero 6, Electric Blue, Nero’s 2000, Sam Lords, London Hilton, Woody’s…).

He hung up his headphones in about 1993, and dusted them off 20 years later to launch 80s dance music show The Pleasuredome.

Today he plays radio host with jazz show Cool Nights – recorded at his home studio. He does occasional voice over work as well as voice tracking and builds WordPress websites (like this one).

Tell us about your latest jazz music

Your music on Cool Nights

Cool Nights features the best new jazz music. If you are a jazz musician with a new track to share then please send Steve a download link and bio using the form below.

If you are available for an interview to talk about your music then please let us know, we’ll set up a time for a pre-recorded interview for broadcast.


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